I Wish I Still Had My Stoma


At first, I hated it. But looking back, I understand now how much I really needed it.

Caregiver's Guide: How To Care For A Stoma At Home

Pregnancy, my stoma & me - @Stomababe

What is a Stoma? - Healthcare Delivery Reviews

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Ostomy Surgery

Controlling UC

When do I tell others about my stoma? - Pelican Healthcare

What should stool consistency be after an ileostomy?

Dating With A Colostomy: Men's Perspective & Rebuilding Confidence

Mr Colitis Crohns - The phantom poo 👻💩 - This is something I've

J-Pouch: What It Is, Surgery & Complications

When I hated my body - So Bad Ass

Living With a Retracted Stoma

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